TPT Contractor Program Overview

The Dashboard

The Dashboard has been designed to simplify navigation around the program.

Tower Setup Form

Project Setup Data

Providing the information in these fields will allow you to identify the following:

•  Job Number
•  Client Name
•  Site Name
•  Site Number
•  Employee
•  Date
•  Wind

This information is transferred to the various generated forms and reports.

Guy Foundation Locations

Information is entered into the applicable fields for the azimuth of each leg, the distances to the individual anchors and elevations of the anchors.

Tower Face Data and Cable Information

The following six categories are required for each guy attachment level:
•  Face Width
•  Attachment elevation
•  Anchor Ring (provided by a drop down menu)
•  Torque Arm (provided by a drop down menu)
•  Cable Size and Type (provided by a drop down menu)
•  Specified Percent Tension

The software provides two methods to measure the Twist and Plumb of the tower:
•  Angular Method
•  Percent of Leg Width Method

These values along with the face widths provided in the Tower Setup Form are used by the program to compute the twist and plumb of the tower.

Tension Data Form

This form is used to record the measured tensions.

The program contains the calibration data specific to the Penn-Tech Tension Meter being used and will provide the approximate required dial readings for the Tension Meter based on the current temperature. The ambient temperature for each cable is input as the tension measurements are recorded.

The program converts the tension to a 60˚ equivalent and compares it to the required tension. Once the tensions have been measured for each cable the program provides a “Screen Shot” containing all of the relevant data for that cable. With this on the screen the laptop or tablet computer can be held next to the Tension Meter and both photographed for inclusion in the report to the client or tower owner.

Field Sheet Forms

There are three field note pages provided by the program once the required data has been entered in the Tower Setup Form. These forms can be printed for use by the field crew.

Plumb and Twist Field Data Sheets for
(1) Angular Measurement Method, or
(2) Percent of Leg Width Measurement Method, and
(3) Tension Field Data Sheets

Report Forms

The program provides 2 reports in accordance with TIA 222, the Twist and Plumb Report and the Tension Report, which may be printed and issued directly from the program.

Level Plan Views

One very unique feature of the program is the plan views generated at each of the guys levels. On each plan view the elevation, cable size, orientation of the guys relative to North, the “Measured Twist” and “Measured Deflections” of the tower are provided. The purpose of these plan views is to assist the field crew in understanding what the tower is doing and what adjustments will be required to bring the tower Twist and Plumb back into tolerance.