Tension Meter Price List

The prices listed below are for Tension Meters calibrated in 100-pound increments for the galvanized extra-high strength (EHS) and bridge strand (BS) cables detailed in the table. Other Tension Meter Calibrations are available.

Each Tension Meter COMES COMPLETE with:
  • Accessory saddles listed
  • Calibration charts
  • Calibration verification tool
  • PTI cable gauge
  • Hard-plastic carry case with die cut ethafoam protection
  • Tension Meter User Manual Digital Download
  • The TM-1000 model will also include TPT CONTRACTOR © Twist, Plumb and Tension Reporting Software
  • TPT Contractor User Manual Digital Download
MODEL# of CABLESSADDLE(S)CABLE TYPE3/16″1/4″5/16″3/8″7/16″1/2″9/16″5/8″11/16″3/4″13/16″7/8″15/16″1″PRICE
TM-70010#127-Strand EHSXXXXXXXX$2,286
19-Strand EHSXX
TM-80011#587-Strand EHSXXXXXXXX$2,586
19-Strand EHSXXX
TM-1000154x7-Strand EHSXXXXXXXX$4,066
TM-1000224x7-Strand EHSXXXXXXXX$4,466

Parts & Accessories

Contact us if you need replacement parts for your Tensionmeter.

New Dial – Installed$265
Dial Repair$135
Aluminum Dial Housing$65
New Spring – Shipped or Installed$35
Set of Two (2) New Hinge Pins$22
Accessory Saddle$60
Calibration Charts (Printed)$56
Calibration Charts (Emailed PDF)FREE
PTI Cable Gauge$52
Calibration Verification Tool$78
Tension Meter case for TM-600, TM-700, TM-800$275
Tension Meter case for TM-1000$305

Calibration Options

You can have your Tension Meter calibrated to any cable that fits your Tension Meter’s diameter range and capacity. One Tension Meter can be calibrated for many different types and sizes of cable. For more information, visit our Tension Meter Calibration page.

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