How to Use a Tension Meter

Before you use the Penn-Tech Cable Tension Meter to measure a cable’s tension:

    1. Identify the cable you’re measuring by diameter and type.
    2. Check your calibration chart* to see:
          a. Which accessory saddle you need for the cable you’re measuring, if any.
          b. Which handle position to use—1, 2, 3, or 4.
    3. Secure the accessory saddle to the built-in saddle with the 2 hex bolts.

    CAUTION: Be sure to use the Tension Meter on cables ONLY for the specific construction, breaking strength, and size for which the unit is calibrated. Be certain to use the correct handle position and/or accessory saddle when measuring. Incorrect handle position and accessory saddle will result in false readings, possible over-tensioning, and damage to the Tension Meter. Over-tensioning guy cables is dangerous to personnel and can be damaging to structures.

    Taking Measurements

    1. Select a cable section for your measurement that is:
          a. Free of damage from cable grips (pork chops), clamps, or corrosion.
          b. At least 1 foot from the cable termination.
    2. Use the hooks on either end of the Tension Meter to suspend it on the cable with the dial indicator toward the low end of the cable.
    3. Check the dial to make sure indicator needle points at zero. If it doesn’t, loosen the slotted screw recessed in the dial case, use your thumbs to move the dial until it points to zero, and tighten the screw
    4. Pull down the handle. As the handle seats into the intended position, the bottom edge of the saddle  will lift up and deflect against the cable.
    5. Record the dial measurement. The dial indicator reads from 0  to 100. If a high-load measurement causes the dial to pass zero, add  100 to the dial reading.
    6. Take 3 or more readings at least 6 inches apart, noting the dial reading for each. Average your readings. Find the value of the average reading on the calibration chart to determine the cable tension.

    Still Having Trouble

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