Tower Services

Tower Site Development and Maintenance Services

Penn-Tech International offers an extensive range of tower site development services. Whether you need assistance with civil work, installation, or any specific service listed below, our team is here to cater to your requirements. You can trust us to handle the entire site development process with expertise and precision, ensuring a seamless and successful outcome.

•  Installation
•  Tower erections
•  Foundations
•  Civil work
•  Painting & lighting
•  Icebridges
•  Co-locates & watertanks
•  Microwave antenna installations & path alignments

•  Antenna coax installations
•  Rooftop installations
•  Cable ladder & personnel ladder installations
•  Safety climb system installation
•  Ground system installation
•  Tower Painting & Lighting
•  Custom Fabrication
•  Emergency Services

Radome Services

Radome Inspections and Maintenance

At Penn-Tech International, we specialize in thorough inspection services for geodesic and inflatable domes. Our expert team ensures the structural integrity and performance of your domes. Additionally, we offer comprehensive maintenance services, including cleaning, teflon coating, repairs, sealing, and painting, to keep your radomes in optimal condition.

Radome Installation, Replacement & Removal

Whether you need radome installation, replacement, or removal, Penn-Tech International has got you covered. We provide all the necessary materials for a seamless installation process, or we can install a radome using materials you provide. Our demolition services efficiently remove unwanted domes, dishes, and foundations. Trust us to handle your entire radome replacement project, from removing the old dome to professionally installing the new one.