The History of Penn-Tech

In 1968, Gene Yoder laid the foundation for Penn-Tech, Co. in the heart of West Chester, PA. This visionary endeavor would later earn Penn-Tech Co. global recognition as a premier tower manufacturer, installation, and service provider, playing a pivotal role in constructing some of the world’s most expansive HF antenna communication installations.

Beyond tower services, Penn-Tech, Co. introduced the groundbreaking shunt-type Tension Meter—a precision instrument meticulously crafted for cable-load applications. This innovation revolutionized cable tension measurement, ensuring unparalleled accuracy without disturbing anchorage, a critical requirement in countless industries.

Gene Yoder gracefully retired in 1986, passing the torch to dedicated long-time employees, Ruth Lang and Robert Cruickshank. They acquired the company, rechristening it as Penn-Tech International, Inc. Penn-Tech upheld its commitment to tower installation and inspection, serving a diverse clientele, including military, government, and industrial sectors, on a global scale. Ruth Lang, a pillar of the company for two decades, gracefully retired in 1996.

Penn-Tech has been a leader in the shunt-type Tension Meter industry for more than 48 years, providing quality sales, calibration, and maintenance of the Penn-Tech Tension Meter.

Robert Cruickshank, armed with his profound expertise, introduced the revolutionary TM-1000 Tension Meter. His creation enhanced accuracy and extended the cable application range, solidifying Penn-Tech International, Inc.’s leadership in the tension meter domain. In December 2000, Robert Cruickshank stepped down as President but remained an invaluable part-time consultant until 2012.

The year 2000 marked a significant transition as Thomas Hedberg, a dedicated employee of both Penn-Tech, Co. and Penn-Tech International, Inc., assumed ownership. He seamlessly continued the tradition of delivering top-quality service to tower owners, government entities, and various industries, while also providing essential tension meter sales, support, and service. 

Tom Hedberg, along with esteemed Tension Meter manufacturers and engineers, actively contributed to the committee responsible for shaping industry standards for shunt-type Tension Meters.

Under Tom’s guidance, the company designed customized support structures tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs, complementing the utility of the Penn-Tech Tension Meter.Penn-Tech International, Inc. embraced its industry leadership by becoming a voting member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) in 2003—a distinction proudly maintained to this day. Our legacy is one of innovation, precision, and unwavering commitment to the highest standards of service and technology in the tower industry.