Tension Meter Calibrations

To determine the Penn-Tech Cable Tension Meter that will best serve your needs, start with a list of the cables you’ll need to measure. We recommend that you do the research upfront: Be sure to choose the Tension Meter that can handle the full range of cable diameters you may encounter. The TM-1000 is the most versatile Tension Meter because it can be calibrated to measure cables ranging from 3/16″ to 1 1/8″ in diameter.

CAUTION: Only have your Penn-Tech Tension Meter calibrated at Penn-Tech International, Inc., or a Penn-Tech Certified Calibration Center. Any unauthorized repairs or maintenance may void your warranty. For maintenance or calibration questions, please contact us.
Each Tension Meter COMES COMPLETE with:
  • Accessory saddles listed
  • Calibration charts
  • Calibration verification tool
  • PTI cable gauge
  • Hard-plastic carry case with die cut ethafoam protection
  • User Manual Digital Download
  • Tension Meter User Manual Digital Download
  • The TM-1000 model will also include TPT CONTRACTOR © Twist, Plumb and Tension Reporting Software
  • TPT Contractor User Manual Digital Download

Standard Calibrations

Our “off the shelf” Tension Meters are calibrated in 100-pound increments (ranging from 100 to 35,000 pounds) for galvanized extra high strength (EHS) cables listed in the table below. We stock TM-1000s with two calibration options: one calibrated to EHS only; the other calibrated to both the EHS and galvanized bridge strand (BS) diameters listed.

19-Strand EHSXX
19-Strand EHSXXX
19-Strand EHSX
19-Strand EHSX
TM-10007-Strand EHSXXXXXXX
19-Strand EHSXX
19-Strand BS
TM-7007-Strand EHSX
19-Strand EHSX
TM-8007-Strand EHSX
19-Strand EHSXX
TM-10007-Strand EHSX
19-Strand EHSXXXXX

Custom Calibrations

You can have your Tension Meter calibrated to any cable if the cable’s diameter fits your Tension Meter’s diameter range. Note: One Tension Meter can be calibrated for many different types and sizes of cable. Higher calibration range is only available for model TM-1000. Cable specifications must be sent with your order. The requested range is at the discretion of Penn- Tech pending safe working loads for the calibration of your TM-1000 Tension Meter.

Diameter Capacity3/16" to 5/8"3/16" to 3/4"3/16" to 1-1/8"

Contact us with a list of the cables you’ll measure, specifying the construction and diameter of each. If your cable isn’t among the hundreds we stock, we can calibrate a Tension Meter to your 30-foot non-returnable sample.

Custom Plotting

Tension Meters are plotted in 100-pound increments ranging from 100 to 35,000 pounds.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to have your Tension Meter calibrated for the specific construction, breaking strength, and diameter of the cable you’re measuring. Bridge strand cable and EHS (as well as other types) are commonly used in the design of guyed tower structures, but their breaking strengths differ significantly.

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