Maintenance & Repair

Tension Meter Maintenance and Repair

To keep your Penn-Tech Cable Tension Meter performing at its best:

  • Keep it dry and clean.
  • Annual maintenance and recalibration is recommended (to protect your unit from natural wear and tear).
  • Do not use penetrating oils to grease your unit. These oils remove grease and jeopardize the unit’s integrity.

We also offer repairs and replacement parts for Tension Meters.

CAUTION: Only have your Penn-Tech Tension Meter Calibrated at Penn-Tech International, Inc., or a Penn-Tech Certified Calibration Center. Any unauthorized repairs or maintenance may void your warranty. For maintenance or calibration request, please contact us.

Sending Tension Meters for Maintenance & Repair

We provide service and repair for all the products that we sell (including all discontinued Penn-Tech Cable Tensionmeter models). Use the list below to have your maintenance and repair completed as quickly and easily as possible.

  1. Contact us if you have questions about maintenance and repair before shipping your unit.
  2. Pack your Tension Meter, all accessory saddles, and all calibration charts in the unit’s carrying case.
  3. Pack the carrying case in a box to protect the unit from damage during shipping.
  4. Enclose a letter that contains:
    • Contact information (name, phone, fax, and e-mail address)
    • Billing information (where to send the invoice)
    • Shipping information (where to ship the unit if different from the billing address)
    • Known problems (if any)
    • New requirements (such as calibrating the unit to a different type or size of cable)

When we receive your shipment, we will analyze your Tension Meter and send you an itemized service and repairs quote (including an estimated shipping date)—usually within 2 business days. We cannot service your Tension Meter until we receive a fax or e-mail approving the quote. To have your Tension Meter serviced as quickly as possible, please provide prompt written approval.

Maintenance and Repair Pricing

Calibration of Standard Cable Sizes for Unit (in 100# Increments)

MODEL #’S TM-600, TM-700, TM-750, TM-800, TM-875 AND TM-900: $465

Calibration of Galvanized EHS Cable Sizes (in 100# Increments)

MODEL # TM-1000 – (15) CABLE SIZES: $505

Calibration of Galvanized EHS & Bridge Strand Sizes (in 100# Increments)

MODEL # TM-1000 – (22) CABLE SIZES: $575

Additional Cables


Dial Repair $135