Twist, Plumb and Tension Reporting Software

Introducing TPT CONTRACTOR©: Twist, Plumb, and Tension Reporting Software. This user-friendly program offers a reliable and consistent method for recording and reporting the twist, plumb, and tension of guyed towers with three faces. Designed specifically for owners of Penn-Tech Tension Meters, TPT CONTRACTOR© adheres to the requirements set by TIA-222.

With calibration data provided by Penn-Tech, GTS inputs the information into the program, making it tailored to the specific Penn-Tech Tension Meter being utilized in the field. This ensures accurate and precise measurements, enabling seamless integration between the Tension Meter and the reporting software.


TPT Contractor© will handle:

  • 12 levels of guys, with or without torque arms
  • 3 rings of guy foundations at different elevations and distances from the tower
  • 22 different cable sizes and types
  • Twist and Plumb Measurements by either Angular or % of Leg Measurement Methods
  • The software only handles towers with 3 faces.

TPT Contractor© provides:

  • Twist and Plumb Report in accordance with TIA-222
  • Recommended dial reading for Tension Measurements based on tower geometry and temperature at time of measurement
  • Screen Shots with all tension data for each cable on the tower
  • Tension Report in accordance with TIA-222
  • Plan View at each guy level with cable tensions, twist & plumb measurements to assist field crew to better understand how to adjust the tower to correct out-of-tolerance measurements
  • Form for tension measurements without tower data

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