Radome Services

Radome Inspections

Penn-Tech International performs inspection services for geodesic and inflatable domes. Our inspection reports detail all findings, recommended maintenance and repairs, and performed maintenance and repairs.

Reports, which include photographs to support all recommendations (if any), are available printed and bound, and on CD.

Radome Installation

Penn-Tech International can provide all the materials needed for radome installation, or install a radome with materials you provide. From laying the foundation to installing the radome, we can provide comprehensive radome installation services for your engineered site.

To help you keep your radome performing at optimum levels, we also offer Radome Inspections (see above) and Radome Maintenance Services (see below).

Radome Replacement

Replacing an old radome? Penn-Tech International can handle the entire job, from removing the old dome to installing the new one.

Radome Removal

Need an old dome or dish removed? Our demolition services include removing unwanted domes, dishes, and foundations.

Radome Maintenance Services

With over 30 years of experience, Penn-Tech International is your trusted provider of radome maintenance services. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  1. Cleaning: Enhance the performance of your dish antenna by restoring your dome to a like-new condition. Our cleaning process effectively removes stains, mold, and soot residue, without causing any damage. (Cleaning services are also available for dish antennas.)
  2. Teflon Coating: Preserve the longevity of your dome with our Teflon coating services. We can apply a protective coating to prevent tears, abrasions, and punctures, ensuring the durability of your dome panels.
  3. Maintenance: Don’t let damage compromise the integrity of your dome. Our skilled team can replace or repair damaged dome panels, ensuring the structural soundness of your radome.
  4. Sealing: Prevent water intrusion by addressing seams and base ring issues. Our experts can recaulk geodesic dome seams and regrout the base ring of inflated domes, effectively sealing them against moisture.
  5. Painting: Refresh the appearance of your radome with our painting services. We offer power washing and painting for both the interior and exterior foundation walls of your dome. Additionally, we provide painting services for geodesic dome panels.

Cost-Saving Tip: Optimize efficiency and save on duplicate lifts and rigging costs by scheduling professional cleaning, maintenance, and inspection simultaneously.

Choose Penn-Tech International for reliable and cost-effective radome maintenance solutions. Our expertise and attention to detail ensure that your radome remains in optimal condition, delivering peak performance and longevity.

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