Cable Tension Meter TM-700


The Penn-Tech Cable Tension Meter quickly measures tension in cable guardrails, guy lines and overhead wires. Typical applications include tower and stack guy wires, pre-tensioned cable barriers, bridges, elevators, winch rope, pre-stressed concrete, fall arrest systems, aircraft cables and utilities.

How many cables do you need to add? (<5/8″ Diameter)

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Product Description

TM-700 10 Cable Calibration + #12 Saddle Block includes
7-Strand EHS* [ 3/16″ • 1/4″ • 5/16″ • 3/8″ • 7/16″ • 1/2″ • 9/16″ • 5/8″ ]
19-Strand EHS* [ 9/16″ • 5/8″]

* EHS: Extra High Strength

All Tension meters come in a black carrying case with laser cut foam padding, calibration certificate & conversion charts, PTI cable gauge and Field Calibration Verification tool. Some accessories in picture not included.

Pricing for additional cables:
Add a cable below 5/8″ Diameter: $60
There is no price change if a cable is removed or replaced/changed within the cable diameters for the unit.

CAUTION: Only have your Penn-Tech Tension Meter calibrated at Penn-Tech International, Inc., or a Penn-Tech Certified Calibration Center. Any unauthorized repairs or maintenance may void your warranty. For maintenance or calibration questions, please contact us.


Cable Tension Meter User Manual