January 22, 2018 Thomas Hedberg

What is Guy Wire?

Used for stabilization of free-standing structures, guy wires are commonly used by tower companies.

The Guy Wire Name

Guy wire goes by several names. Some refer to it as guyed wire, others guy cable, and still others guy strand or guy anchors. People will also mistakenly refer to it as guide wire, when in fact the term is derived from the term guy, which is a rope, cable or cord used to steady, guide or secure.

What is Guy Wire?

Guy wire is a tensioned cable that is both lightweight and strong. These cables add stability to free-standing structures. They can be seen on ship masts, radio towers, wind turbines, utility poles, and more.

Guy Wire Hardware

Big grip dead ends (Preforms): Used for high tensioning.

End sleeves (Ice clips): Needed when using big grip dead ends, to prevent unraveling.

Drop forged wire rope clips: Used to clamp the loose end of wire rope after forming an eye.

Shackles: Used for connecting wire rope, chain and slings.

Thimbles: Used to protect the eye or loop of wire rope.

Turnbuckles: Used to pull together or push apart guy anchors.

Guy Wire Installation

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Thomas Hedberg

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