November 8, 2017 Thomas Hedberg

How Often Do Tension Meters Need to be Calibrated?

The intervals between tension meter calibration and re-certification are ultimately determined by the customer. While most companies will send in a tension meter for an annual calibration, the frequency of certification should be based on your internal quality guidelines and policies.

Four basic questions to ask that help determine the calibration interval:

  • How frequently is the tension meter being used?
  • What is the physical state of the tension meter?
  • Where is the tension meter being used?
  • How is the tension meter stored?

We recommend that our customers establish specific calibration intervals based on their usage and work environment. A tension meter used frequently in a harsh environment will require a shorter re-certification interval than tension meters used less often and handled with care.

Based on our industry knowledge, historical data, and decades of customer feedback, one year is the longest a tension meter should go without recalibration.

Only have your Penn-Tech Tension Meter calibrated at Penn-Tech International, Inc., or a Penn-Tech Certified Calibration Center. Any unauthorized repairs or maintenance may void your warranty.

Contact us for more information about recalibrating your Penn-Tech Cable Tension Meter.


Thomas Hedberg

Thomas A. Hedberg is the President of Penn-Tech International, Inc. of Frazer, Pennsylvania and can be reached at (484) 395-0145 or